Five things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing Flats in Delhi/NCR

At present, Delhi/NCR has become a hub for different types of residential as well as commercial activities. The wide roads of the city are well-planned and structured to ensure the connectivity with rest part of the city and NCR area. The Real Estate Market showing significant development. The growth perspective for this sector is showing promising results. Now, living in Delhi/NCR dream seems to become true for most of the people in India. Builders and developers want to gain as much as from this opportunity. Hence, they prefer the favorable locations for their projects. Various recent announcements and infrastructure of the city make its real estate market more attractive.

As individuals, whenever we seek to buy a new house or flat location of the apartment is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The cost of the land, necessary infrastructure, development in the area, the nearness of the places of every day’s interest like school, college, market, officials are also some of the most important things to consider while we are looking for buying the new house or a flat in Delhi/NCR. Here we need to discuss certain factors, to keep in mind before the purchase of a flat in Delhi/NCR in detail. Have a look on the following details to get the information and norms related to the real-estate market.

Approval & License:

This is the first things to check that the company from where you are going to buy flat is registered with the Government or not? You need to check the builders’ paperwork ranging from the approval of the land to the certification of work on that property. Be sure that the entire layout is permitted by the Development Corporation and local authorities. You should also ask about the property tax receipts paid by the builder. Most importantly does builders project comes under RERA or they fulfill all the norms and conditions of RERA Act.

Calculate the total cost of flat including taxes:

Most of the time, the developers tell only the necessary expenses of the property. Meanwhile, you need to check all the hidden costs such as internal /external development fees, parking charges, club/statutory charges, and service tax, which raise the total cost. Apart from it, you need to calculate your budget according to this, not as per the broker told you earlier. Feel free to ask about any other hidden charges from your dealer to calculate the final cost.

Buying property in cash is not affordable for most of the people. Along with it, builders have tie-ups with different banks who offer the loans at the various rate of interest. You also need to find out the banks that are willing to fund your project as per your needs and requirements.

Location & size of the apartment:

No doubt! Builders are choosing the most favorable property to build their projects. But still, as an individual, we need to decide whether the flat is suitable for us or not? Is it near to the office, school of the children and supermarket?

The size of the apartment depends on the purpose of the living or family members. In purpose of living, we need to decide who will live in the flat? Are you willing to use the flat on the rental basis or your family? If you are buying it for your own, the needs and requirements of the family members are most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the flat.

Infrastructure plans:

Infrastructure includes the road connectivity, or any other infrastructure development of the projects, which will help you in future to shoot up return on investment, also matters. Along with it if you are going to book fully furnished flat or villa, it is also mandatory to check-out the quality of the Infrastructure and evaluates the cost of the furniture which is increased in compression to non-furnished flat or villa. After evaluating the cost and quality of the furniture, you only decide whether it is beneficial to go with fully-furnished flat or not.

Check the site:

The layout could be different from the reality. Hence, before finalizing the deal with the broker, you must go to the site manually and check the apartments fully to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. You can also communicate with the people and neighboring areas to ask about the property.

Therefore, we can say there are so many builders offering different projects in Delhi/NCR, but you need to find out the best as per your needs. Before you visit any of the builders, you must think about all the points, mentioned above and take the right decision. Home Solution is one of the well-known and experienced builders in Faridabad. They not only offering the construction projects but also help you in the interior of your newly built flat. The experienced team of contractors provides different services as per the requirements of the owner to make their living more comfortable and enjoyable .