Modular Kitchen

The kitchens are the center part of every home and the simple kitchen designs don’t work well today. Being a leading modular kitchen manufacturer in Faridabad, we are offering numerous designs for the modular kitchen with top class racks, drawers, and cabins.

At present, everyone desire to live luxury life and if that comes within the budget, what can be good then it. We can schedule a free consultation to discuss the procedure and how your kitchen would be ready.

Meanwhile, we promise to let you and your family get fun while cooking. Our expert designer’s team will design a perfect kitchen for you that fit your individual needs & lifestyle.

Our professional team will present layouts, perspectives, and cabinet features along with the assistance & advice on flooring, appliances, decorative backslashes and lighting packages.

We are here to serve you with all kind of kitchens, the best part with our Modular Kitchens is, it has removable facilities also. If you are going to shift from the present place to another place or want to renovate it, you can easily replace your modular kitchen.

If you are looking for a modular kitchen supplier or a company that can do it within your budget, Home Solutions team can help you to deliver your desired modular kitchen.

Our Modular kitchen in Faridabad

We are committed to delivering quality modular kitchen, kitchen accessories, and kitchen cabinets across Delhi NCR. Our range of Modular designs is inspired by international concepts which are well suited for Indian Homes. When designing kitchens, our expert team makes the best use of your space and installs modern accessories like top class racks, drawers, and a cabin to make it more functional, elegant and beautiful.

We, Home Solutions have a high tech modular kitchen manufacturing unit in Faridabad, with modern machinery and technology. In our modular kitchen, each kitchen cabinet is made as different modules and all those are brought in and assembled together. Each cabinet itself is modular; which means if you want to change just one unit due to normal wear and tear after some years, you can easily change that without any hassle. The best part is, these accessories are not fixed with glue which makes it impossible to disassemble without any damage.

We deliver different Types of Modular kitchens

Our professional team provides different types of Modular kitchen layout. You can choose any of following layout plan according to your space and area of the kitchen.

  • Straight Line Kitchen: These types of the kitchen are best suited for small spaces. In Straight Line layout, all the work area of the cook would be set against a wall. It is cost-effective but this kind of layout does not provide much space for work and storage.
  • Galley Kitchen: Many people consider this layout plan because it is an ideal layout in terms of efficiency. In kitchen, cooker will have a less movement per task. The only major drawback is, space would get easily crowded if your space to too narrow.
  • U Shaped Kitchen: U shape design is ideal for the large space. It has platforms running along three walls, forming a U. the best part of this layout plan is, it is much comfortable and provides for a lot of work and storage space. But the travel distance during a normal cooking process will be too long.
  • L Shaped Kitchen: this is the contemporary kitchen design that runs along two perpendicular walls. The triangle of this layout can be the best demonstrated in your modular kitchen.
  • Peninsular Kitchen: the peninsular types of layout are most applicable to a large space, which can be used for breakfast and other snacky meals. This layout plan is most recommended for open kitchens plan.
  • Island Kitchen: the distinct feature of this layout is holding a counter in the middle of the space. However, this type of layout plan requires a lot of space. Island works well for the peoples who spend many hours in the Kitchen. Apart from it, this layout is best recommended for commercial kitchens.

Features of our Modular Kitchens

Modern: There would be so many shops in our modular kitchen. These shops are most suitable for your home kitchens to store and work comfortably. If you need a modular kitchen for your home, you just get in touch with the expert's team of home solutions known for the best Kitchens with all modern features and interior designs.

Convenient: our modular kitchens would have top class racks, drawers, and a cabin that make your work more comfortable at the time you work in the kitchen. Our professional interior designers create modular kitchen with more convenient for every homemaker.

Easy maintenance: our modular kitchen is easy to clean and maintains if we compare it from another regular kitchen. The cabinets and shelves can be easily washed and you don’t have to put extra efforts while maintaining your modular kitchen.

Storage: we offer efficient storage places like drawers, cabinets, shelves in our modular kitchens designs. It is comfortable to get anything with this storage when you are going to cook anything in the kitchen. Most of the modular kitchens come with these storages but there are lots of differences between our modular kitchen costs. Along with it, our designers use best many materials for creating this modular kitchen.

Everything comes at once: When you are going to buy a modular kitchen, you don’t need to wait just get in touch with the experts’ team of home solutions. Our modular kitchen contains all at once and it’s a kind of complete package. When we designed your modular kitchen, you don’t go to buy anything.

If you need modular kitchen supplier that can help you in delivering the best modular kitchen within your budget, Home Solutions is the one where your search would get an end. Our team can help you to get your desired modular kitchen.

Modualr Kitchen Manufacturers in Faridabad
Modualr Kitchen Manufacturers in Faridabad
Modualr Kitchen Manufacturers in Faridabad
Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
Modular Kitchen Faridabad
Modular Kitchen Manufacturers
Modular Kitchen
Modular Kitchen Faridabad
Modualr Kitchen Manufacturers in Faridabad